ArcMail Releases Software Version 4.0 with Enterprise Level Performance

Shreveport, LA – April 29, 2010

ArcMail Technology, Inc. a leading provider of email archiving and email management appliances announced today the release of version 4.0 of the company’s award winning email archiving appliance. With the completion of this development phase, ArcMail continues to set the standard for delivering extensive robust features while remaining the most economical solution in the email archiving marketplace.

The 4.0 release includes infrastructure enhancements that improve all aspects of system efficiency and performance as well as numerous features requested by customers, partners, and the marketplace at large. As a result, ArcMails’ 4.0 release provides a significant leap in performance and functional capabilities. With the new indexing methods, searches are lightning fast and represent up to a 30% performance improvement. Internal benchmarks employing mail stores in excess of 10 million messages yield search results in seconds!

“Our company recognizes the ever growing demand on archiving systems. In response, we chose to invest in and develop a solution that brings enterprise level performance to all users of our product line” said W. Todd Gates, CEO and President of ArcMail Technology. “Instead of stretching our prior solution with features that would have degraded archive performance, we chose to build a solution that allows greater flexibility and the ability to grow with our customers’ needs.”

The core of release 4.0 includes fundamental reengineering of the operating system, and database structure. This overhaul enabled the development team to introduce enterprise level performance and broad functionality improvements such as Retention Policies, Litigation Holds (or Holds), Improved speed performance and new user interface, that would not have been possible with the prior code base.

“As we considered the future of our product and the features requested in the marketplace, ArcMail focused on fulfilling these requests while maintaining archive integrity and meeting ever increasing performance demands” said Norman Graham, VP of Product Development. “To balance these requirements, we delivered a major restructuring of our system that’s designed to meet enterprise level standards while preserving ArcMail’s exceptional ease‐of‐implementation and ease‐of‐use. The result is a superior solution that’s easily adaptable and appropriate for all of our customers.”


Speed baby Speed! – As the volume of email ever increases, the quantity of data contained in the archive also increases placing greater demands on database indexing and searching functions. With the new indexing methods, searches are lightning fast and represent up to a 30% performance improvement. Internal benchmarks employing mail stores in excess of 10 million messages yield search results in seconds!

Interface ‐ Release 4.0 provides a modern, web 2.0‐style user interface that has the feel of a desktop mail‐reading application, providing richer functionality and more features while remaining responsive and easy to use.

Single Sign On – The Single Sign On (SSO) feature eliminates the need to log in to the archive for users who have already logged in to a unit that is bound to a domain. This provides secure authentication and access control to the archive, but with less redundant steps to the end user.

Retention Policies ‐ Retention Policies allow organizations to specify how long to retain different classes of messages in the archive. While many archiving providers only allow retention policies based on user, ArcMail allows organizations to create retention policies on any searchable message attribute, including user. This gives organizations the ultimate flexibility for implementing retention policies that meet their exact requirements.

Message Holds – Whether originating from litigation, compliance or management requirements, message holds allow organizations to specify named sets of messages that are not subject to the organization’s retention policy. Messages that are in one or more holds are not removed from the archive until they are explicitly released from all holds. Messages may be added or removed from holds all at once or incrementally over time. Holds may be created, modified, and released according to the needs of the organization. Holds are an integral part of the archive and, as such, are a fully searchable using typical message attributes.

Stem-Based Searching – Stem based searching allows users to search against related words. For example, if one were to search for “produced”, the returns may be “produce”, “producer”, “producing”, or “production”. This provides users with greater flexibility searching the archive and drilling down to specific data contained in the archive database.

Phrase Based Searching – When searching the archive, users can now zero in on phrases contained within an email and receive results directly correlated to that search. For example, if one were to search for “123 Main Street”, the relevance search would return all documents which contained that phrase.

Multi‐Language Support – The software now supports the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.