Mission & Vision


  1. To create and finance breakthrough biomedical technologies which lead to the treatment and ultimate cure for cancers.
  2. Generate superior investment returns.
  3. Create and retain the confidence and loyalty of our investors.
  4. Attract, develop and retain highly talented professionals and entrepreneurs.


  1. Service.  Always act in the best interest of our investors.
  2. Quality and Excellence.  Deliver best in class investment services to our investors.
  3. Accountability.  Take personal responsibility and deliver on commitments.
  4. Stewardship.  Treat our investors money as if it were our own, balancing risk and reward.
  5. Be profit minded. We are profit oriented, because profit is not just desirable, it is an absolute necessity.  Profit is the reward paid to the company for service to society. Profitability assures the future of the business for all stakeholders.
  6. Be Community Partners.  Support our communities through significant capital and time commitments.
  7. Soli Deo Gloria and Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.  We live our lives by the ideal that everything should be done with excellence ‘For the greater glory of God’.