Calosyn Pharma

Calosyn Pharma is a private biopharmaceutical company developing intra-articular therapeutics for osto-arthritis (OA) of the knee. The company’s proprietary approach is based upon regulation of ion channel modulators which, among other things, block the synthesis of certain enzymes that cause cartilage destruction. Louisiana Ventures, LP was a founding investor with a diverse group of venture capital funds.

CellFor, Inc.  (acquired by Arborgen)

CellFor is the world’s leading independent supplier of high technology seedlings to the global forest industry. Using plant biotechnology, which is the use of biological processes to manufacture products, CellFor identifies and produces genetically superior conifer seedlings without genetic modification.   CellFor has earned this position by being the first to tap into the promise of plant biotechnology to mass produce high quality, top performing conifer seedlings more quickly, more dependably, and in far greater quantities than ever before.

Chow Town, Inc.

Chow Town is developing an interactive and digital approach to treat and prevent childhood obesity.

Embera Neurotherapeutics, Inc.

Embera NeuroTherapeutics is a development stage pharmaceutical company focused on novel treatments for a broad range of addictions and obesity – both significant, growing problems in the United States and worldwide with limited effective drug therapies. Embera’s initial product in development, EMB-001, is a patent-pending combination of two off-patent, FDA-approved drugs, to stop the cravings and loss of control related to substance abuse. The technology is based on the scientific founder Dr. Nick Goeders’ work at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC-S) on the role of physiologic responses to chronic stress in addiction.

Esperance Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Esperance is a clinical stage company developing a new class of targeted anticancer drugs using its Cationic Lytic Peptide (CLYP™) platform technology. These drug candidates, include targeted membrane-disrupting peptides and antibody drug conjugates that selectively seek and destroy cancer cells, including cells known to be resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs, without harming normal cells. Targeting occurs through binding to specific receptors and antigens on the cell’s surface. The company’s patented technology was discovered by scientists at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and Louisiana State University.

Fitness Interactive Experience

FIX is dedicated to making fitness fun, accessible and hyper-socially connected through an interactive social media platform centered around making the pursuit of fitness an enjoyable and engaging game.

GMP Companies, Lifesync

LifeSync® Wireless ECG System is transforming patient ECG monitoring. Through its unique and patented design, the LifeSync® System eliminates lead wires and trunk cables between patients and bedside, 12-lead or transport ECG monitors, allowing freedom of movement throughout the hospital. Using highly-sophisticated Bluetooth® wireless technology*, the LifeSync® System employs two-way radios to collect and transmit patient ECG and respiration data to the hospitals existing ECG monitors. The LifeSync® System can be implemented easily without costly changes to a hospital’s infrastructure.

Innolyzer Labs

Innolyzer Labs specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative analytics for a broad array of industries.  Innolyzer provides high quality, accurate, fast and affordable solutions with one-of-a-kind, lab-on-a-chip (LOAC) analysis devices and is pioneering solutions that have become the gold standard for measuring H2S in aqueous samples.

Jenrin Discovery

Jenrin Discovery is a privately-held company developing a pipeline of proprietary ‘first-in-class’ small molecule drugs designed to selectively target peripheral tissues. Many marketed or advanced clinical stage non-psychiatric drugs are plagued by a sub-optimal safety profile, due to psychiatric and neurologic side effects. Jenrin applies its technology and medicinal chemistry expertise to structurally modify such drugs so as to prevent penetration across the blood-brain barrier, resulting in negligible or no brain levels of drug. The new peripherally selective (PS) chemical entities retain the pharmacological activity and other essential properties of the original parent drug, but carry little or no risk of neuropsychiatric effects, thus offering a safer alternative to the original parent drugs.

K94 Discoveries

K94 Discoveries is a biotechnology company developing novel targeted anticancer drugs based on discoveries by scientists at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center and research at the Feist Weiller Cancer Center. The company’s initial product is a drug conjugate that combines the naturally-occurring anticancer substance curcumin with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) that targets the hormone receptors present in large numbers on the surface of cancer cells.

Lagniappe Labs

Lagniappe Labs uses state, federal and difficult to acquire corporate filings in a fully configurable platform that allows users to analyze the value of privately held companies and improve investor confidence. The technology provides tools and data to build financial models on specific sectors, people, industries, investors and more.

Microbiome Therapeutics

MicroBiome is developing novel non-prescription therapies that improve health status by interacting with the human microbiome in specific ways.  Microbiome is a leader in the development of evidence-based microbiome modulators–products designed to alter bacterial populations and their environment in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to help prevent or treat health conditions and is currently focused on prediabetes and newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.

NuPotential, Inc.

NuPotential is pioneering the discovery and development of novel drugs that modulate epigenetic targets and their processes for the treatment of cancer. NuPotential’s proprietary PIER drug discovery platform stems from foundational discoveries linking small molecule epigenetic pathway modulation to cellular reprogramming. Founded in 2007 on the discoveries of Dr. Kenneth Eilersten, Associate Professor, Louisiana State University, when he discovered that modifying a single biochemical pathway could alter key epigenetic modifications in a number of diseases with significant unmet need such as cancer, autoimmune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

SteriFx, Inc. (acquired by Synergy Technologies)

SteriFx, Inc. is a pathogen control, disinfection, and decontamination company providing products and services utilizing our non-toxic antimicrobial solutions for the food processing, food safety, healthcare, emergency response, and other industries. SteriFx patented products contain non-toxic low pH aqueous solutions that have been proven to control pathogens, are easy to use, and adapted for industrial and consumer applications.